Your clients already have an audience?If your agency manages talent, Partelo is for you.

¿Why Partelo?

¿Why Partelo?

Partelo is a platform where users can ask questions to people they follow, and get personalized video answers. In the near future we will enable monetization features. We believe in delivering unique experiences to engaged audiences.

On top of that, we offer bespoke services to networks, agencies, and talent management firms who choose to bring their clients to Partelo in bulk.

Our goal is to become a reliable business partner that works with you to deliver sustainable revenue growth, and greater engagement.

Be one of the first. You won't regret it!

What To Expect

A dedicated account manager to work with you, establishing a direct line of communication – one that will always remain available.

Our team will identify any opportunities and put together short and long-term goals in a clear, concise strategy.

Once the strategy is agreed on, our design team will create a personalized and engaging Partelo channel for each content creator in your network.

What To Expect

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