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Channel Review: Andrew Neighbors - Outstanding daily life vlogger

What is it about?

Andrew is a handsome influencer who enjoys sharing parts of his daily life. Among other things, he shows places he travels, shares his opinions about different topics and challenge friends and other influencers to play different guessing games. All this with a big dose of sense of humour and a great smile.

Why is it worth watching?

It is a real pleasure watching his videos because he looks flawless and always share that beautiful smile he has and traps you. Furthermore, the spontaneity he shows makes him more special and irresistible.

Another positive aspect of his channel is that he has over friends and influencers to play enjoyable challenging games, which makes it pleasant to watch over and over.

And definitely, the constancy he uploads new content is a great reason not to miss his videos!

Which video nails it?

His most popular video is "How to Tell if a Guy is Gay" which has 1.092.466 views and 11K likes. In this video, he shares his view and thoughts about which signs can tell if a boy is gay or not.

Overall Rating

Andrew's channel is exceptional if you are looking for very fresh topics and a sense of humour. He is very lovely and friendly, and the production of his videos is very recommended.


If you are looking for naturality and good vibes don't miss Andrew Neighbors' channel!

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