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Channel Review: Brittany Dawn - Stunning Fitness Lover Videos on YouTube

What is it about?

Brittany Dawn is a beauty, food and fitness lover, young girl who enjoys showing different aspects of her life in her videos such as workout routines and low-fat food and drinks. Furthermore, she also shows her monthly favourite products in a video like for example tea, cups, clothes, toppings, journals... and the places where she bought them, which is very helpful and thoughtful.

Why is it worth watching?

Watching her videos is a wonderful experience because she always looks perfect and is natural at the same time. These aspects can be noticed in how she looks, the way she expresses and always smiling.

Another positive aspect of this channel is that she posts videos regularly and are organised in a playlist which makes it easy to go through.

One more aspect, and it's very important, is that her videos are very dynamic along with her personality, which shows how much she enjoys making them!

Which video nails it?

Her most popular video is "Starbucks Zero Calorie "Secret" Drink" which has 801.611 views and 19K likes. In this video, she shows how she gets that special secret drink and what's in it.

Overall Rating

Brittany's channel is outstanding if you're looking for regular updates of amazing content. Moreover, the way she shows her routines, food and different products, is very natural and enjoyable, which makes it highly recommended.


If you are looking for working out routines, low carb food or want to find some inspiration to run your own channel, you can't miss out Brittany Dawn!

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