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Channel Review: Carly and Erin - Entertaining Vlogs on YouTube

What is it about?

The channel of Carly and Erin is full of video vlogs about their daily life. They react to different videos, read and react to comments on social networks, try new food and more. Another thing that you can find on this channel is vining interviews while they are driving.

Why is it worth watching?

An excellent point about this channel is that you can enjoy new videos every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. There are also playlists where you can find video vlogs, challenges and funny videos, vining and driving episodes, collaborations and more.

Lighting is good, the channel art is really nice and editing work is perfect. It makes videos more attractive and interesting.

The channel is very enjoyable and they are dynamic and inspire cheerfulness in all their videos.

Which video nails it?

One of their most popular videos is “VLOG SQUAD CONSPIRACY THEORIES” which has 367,900 views and 27K likes. It is a really funny video with great editing. You should watch it right now!

Overall Rating

Carly and Erin is a very entertaining YouTube channel. Splendid and well done editing work keeps you watching their videos on and on.


If you like watching video vlogs and want to have a good time, you can't miss this channel!

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