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Channel Review: Craig Richey - Exceptional Crossfit Lifestyle Vlogger

What is it about?

Craig (TeamRichey) dedicates his videos to show his daily steps always related to CrossFit and fitness. Among other things, he trains and travels around the country, especially with his girlfriend Jaz, visiting friends and other Crossfit and fitness lovers, showing the different aspects of that particular way of training.

Why is it worth watching?

His videos are really awesome because he shows everything he does in a very common and natural way. Furthermore, he is not afraid of moving the camera, taking close-ups and zoom always in a gentle way, which make his videos different.

Another positive aspect is that in his travels he shows different people and gyms dedicated to Crossfit, which helps to see that sport with perspective and understand why are so many people practising it nowadays.

And one of the most important things: he is always smiling, and shows what he does with high positive energy, which definitely makes his videos enjoyable and will make you start thinking of taking up Crossfit!

Which video nails it?

His most popular video is "The Problem With CROSSFIT: My Response" which has 547.470 views and 12K likes. In this video, he shares his opinion about Crossfit as a response to another sportsman.

Overall Rating

Craig's channel is absolutely awesome if you are looking for regular uploads of outstanding material. His natural way to interact with the camera makes his videos extremely recommended.


If you are looking for Crossfit-Fitness and nutrition tips, motivation and want to take up a new sport, you can't miss Craig Richey's channel!!

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