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Channel Review: MacDoesIt - Marvelous Sarcastic Comedy Vlogger

What is it about?

Machaizelli Kahey (aka MacDoesIt) is a young vlogger and influencer who, with a different sense of humour and sarcasm, points out in his videos his opinion about different topics. Among these, you can find his reactions to racists, scary videos, challenges and reviews.

Why is it worth watching?

His unique satirical way of talking about current topics along with his funny facial and language expressions, makes his channel the perfect place to stay up to date with the latest and greatest!

Another reason to visit his channel is that he uploads videos regularly, and they are organised in playlists that allow you to access the content easily.

And even though his videos can sometimes look like a mess, you will realise that they are full of fascinating content. Furthermore, it is very easy to notice how much he loves what he does thanks to his awesome sense of humour and the passion he shows in every video.

Which video nails it?

His most popular video is "REACTING TO ANTI-GAY COMMERCIALS BECAUSE I'M GAY" which has 7,978,175 views and 480k likes. Mac comments and reacts in his sarcastic manner and using his sense of humour to the message that the commercials he is watching send to people. Highly recommended:

Overall Rating

Machaizelli's channel is marvellous. The way he presents the videos, his sense of humour, the intelligent sarcasm he uses all the time makes his channel a goldmine full of incredible videos.


If you want enjoy and have good laughs don't miss MacDoesIt' channel!

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