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Channel Review: NikkiPhillippi - Amazing Lifestyle Vlogger

What is it about?

Nikki Phillippi is a vlogger whose channel covers all things lifestyle. Among her videos you can find workout routines, healthy recipes, living tips, makeup advice and some funny sketches. She also sings very well and you can enjoy some of her covers on YouTube.

Why is it worth watching?

Firstly, Nikki always looks flawless and fresh in her videos. She connects really well with people and shares powerful and interesting tips. You can notice that she loves sharing all her knowledge about fashion and lifestyle with subscribers.

A positive thing about her channel is that she releases weekly videos. Also, she speaks very clearly and lighting is good.

Finally, the use of playlists is another great point about this channel, which lets you easily access videos on various topics.

Which video nails it?

The most watched video in her channel is “Hosanna Hillsong United Cover - Nikkiphillippi & Maddy McQ” with 4,967,284 views and 49k likes. In this video people can enjoy her great passion for singing. Don't miss out on this beautiful cover.

Overall Rating

Nikki is a really nice vlogger who gives useful advice and creates enjoyable content. She combines beauty with healthy lifestyle in a fantastic way.


Don't hesitate to subscribe to her channel, you will love her videos!

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