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Channel Review: Travis Bryant - A Brilliant Lifestyle YouTuber

What is it about?

Travis is an influencer and content creator who enjoys vlogging about his daily activities and routines. His videos include many topics from the lifestyle world sharing useful tips that help you to look better and more confident. You also can find some funny stories about his daily life.

Why is it worth watching?

One of the best features in this channel is post-processing. All his videos are really well-edited with many remarkable filming effects. Lighting, sound and contrast are wonderful.

This channel really beats it because Travis always looks fresh and natural and keeps his audience interested with his wide range of videos. He knows how to move in front of the camera and he also touches many taboo subjects.

Which video nails it?

One of his most popular videos is “My morning routine” which has 498,893 views and 5.8k likes. In this video Travis shares his daily activities from the moment he wakes up in the morning. The editing work is fantastic and the content is very engaging.

Overall Rating

Travis creates original content and connects very well with his audience. Great editing job is a nice addition to enjoy watching his videos.


If you are not subscribed to his channel yet, you should go do that right now!

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