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Channel Review: UnJaded Jade - Stunning and Interesting Videos on YouTube

What is it about?

Jade is a young YouTuber who talks about widespread and interesting topics. Her videos are a mix of veganism lifestyle, motivation, self-confidence improvement, studying tips, daily routines, meditation and more.

Why is it worth watching?

First of all, topics that Jade covers in her channel are really enjoyable and useful. It’s a pleasure watch her videos. She always looks well-prepared and uploads videos every Wednesday.

One of the best things about her channel is the filming quality and post-processing. Her videos have perfect lighting and contrast as well as very good editing work. In addition to that, thumbnails and layouts are awesome.

Another nice extra is that she speaks clearly and looks confident about what she is talking about.

Which video nails it?

“MY 5AM SCHOOL MORNING ROUTINE 2017” is the most watched video in her channel with 1,069,612 views and 29k likes. There she talks about her daily routine from the moment she wakes up until going to school. Go and watch it!

Overall Rating

Jade is a highly recommended YouTuber. She is a very inspiring person, she looks natural and provides powerful and positive content. The post-production in her videos is just fantastic.


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