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Channel Review: Andrea Matillano - Awesome Makeup Reviews on YouTube

What is it about?

Andrea is a beauty influencer whose content is a mix of beauty hauls, makeup reviews, decluttering and unboxing. Among other things, she points out the most trendy beauty products as well as the best and the worst makeup collections. Her make-up reviews are spot-on and all the products she checks are cruelty free.

Why is it worth watching?

It’s a real pleasure to see her videos because she always looks flawless and her makeup is just wonderful. You can appreciate it even more thanks to the perfect lighting and contrast in her videos.

Other positive item in this channel is that she uploads videos regularly and they are organized in playlists that allow you to access the content easily.

And one of the most important things: her content is enjoyable and it can be easily noticed that she is enthusiastic about what she is doing.

Which video nails it?

Her most popular video is “EASY DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend!” which has 444,147 views and 9.3K likes. In this video she shares fantastic DIY ideas to delight your partner.

What Inspires Andrea?

We reached out to Andrea and she shared these words with us:

"I am inspired to create content because I love trying and sharing the best beauty products on the market. There are always so many new releases, so I want to be able to help viewers make informed decisions and spend their money on products that work well. After going cruelty-free with my beauty collection, I find it especially rewarding to be able to share my favorite products with others who might be interested in cruelty-free beauty too.

In the coming year, I would love to share more personal videos relating to different aspects of my life. Of course, I love beauty so I will definitely keep creating content related to new releases. I would also love to feature some of my older favorites on my channel as well, in an effort to inspire others to use what they already have in their collections"

Overall Rating

Andrea's channel is remarkable if you are looking for regular uploads of quality content. Her approach is very friendly, and the production of all her videos is awesome and highly recommended.


If you are a beauty lover or need inspiration to run your own channel, you can’t miss out on Andrea Matillano!

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