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Supercharge Your Partelo Page with Free Rewards

So! You’ve got an awesome Partelo Page, you’re cranking out sweet content on the regular, and the hits are rolling in. But you’re not getting the kind of traction on your Partelo Page that you’d like to see. How do you get a stalled page to take off? Well, there’s a million and one ways: but here’s one of our favorites.

Give a Free Reward

Partelo makes it super easy to create rewards for your Partelitos. But did you know, you can also create a free reward? This is defaulted to a quick Q&A where you respond with a mini-video, but you can change it to anything you'd like — it's a great way to give your followers a taste of how Partelo works.

How Does it Work?

Just head to your Partelo Portal, and click on the Rewards tab and turn On the ability to let your followers ask one free question. If you’re worried about getting overwhelmed with a flood of questions, you can set a limit for how many unanswered questions will stack in your queue before it fills up.


When it’s active, it’ll look like this on your Partelo Page, sitting pretty at the top of the list, like the cherry on a sundae.


And when the limit of free rewards is reached, it’ll look like this: letting your followers know that while the feature hasn’t gone away, they’ll want to try again later. You want to keep them coming back!


Give it Away, Give it Away, Give it Away Now

A wise man once said “there’s no such thing as a free lunch:” though he usually says it when we try to get him to foot the bill for taco night. That said, free samples are a tried-and-true way to get people interested in what you’ve got.


Given the amount of money we’ve spent on “free” mobile games this year alone, (let’s call it “research”), it’s safe to say that this model is still going strong as ever. Though it can seem counter-intuitive to give away something that you’re selling, it’s one of the most tried-and-true techniques in human history.

It just works.

Tired of Giving Free Stuff?

If you ever get tired of answering free questions, or you just want to offer them for a limited time or special occasions, you can always turn the feature off if you don’t want to offer free questions anymore.


We want it to be risk-free and fun for both you and your followers.

So what are you waiting for? Set the free rewards on, and watch your interactions grow!

Are you a content creator?

If you are a creator on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, or Twitter and want to monetize your audience, Partelo is right for you.