Content takes timeAnd we've all got bills to pay.

What is Partelo?

What is Partelo?

In a perfect world, you’d make great content, and the rest would take care of itself. But ad revenue is unreliable at the best of times: and with an estimated 615 million devices using ad-blockers, most creators never see enough ad revenue to make them worth it.

With very little effort, no maintenance, and from the comfort of your smartphone, we'll help you create a new revenue stream.

Your followers get the unique opportunity of asking you questions, which you can easily respond to from your smartphone with short videos.

Your followers want to support you. So make it easy.

Get Paid & Give Back

Our goal is to help you deliver awesome personal experiences. Your followers get to interact with their favorite creators, and their support helps you keep making great content.

Followers love personalization: and they love to talk about them on social media. By distributing their interaction with you, they could help you gain new subscribers!

We'll pay you once a month, after deducting 15% to pay our staff, handle payment processing fees, and everything else we need to keep Partelo running. The rest is all yours.

Get Paid & Give Back

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