Partelo For EveryonePartelo is a platform where you can ask questions to people you follow, and get personalized video answers. If you'd like to answer questions, it's super easy!

What is Partelo

What can I do with Partelo?

On Partelo anyone who has followers, or intends to build an audience, can generate income directly from them. And it can all be done from the comfort of a smartphone, without any efforts.

Within seconds, you can create an account and start answering questions. Your followers get the unique opportunity of getting personalized content.

Simple, fast and transparent.

What else you need?

A New Income Source

No Need to Register

No Need to Register

Your followers will not require to create an account to ask you any questions

Universal Payments

Universal Payments

Receive payments from any country in the world thanks to our international payment platform

Videos. Tons of videos

Videos. Tons of videos

You'll generate a lot of micro-content very fast. All from your smartphone!

Do you want to receive a personalized answer?

We connect you with the people you follow, so you can ask what you'd like

Enjoy Personal & Exclusive Content

Go the the Partelo channel you like the most (every day we have new ones) and ask a free or paid question. You'll receive an email once your answer is ready. It's that easy!

You can also comment and share your experience with your friends and social networks.

Enjoy personal content or gain a boost to your own popularity, it's your call!

Not clear about what this is?

See it for yourself by checking any channel.